What is Twitter?

I’ve been asked this by several people over the past year.  And, having been somewhat more active on Twitter lately, I think it would be a good idea to actually explain both what Twitter is and why you should care.


First, some terms you need to know:

  • Twitter is a social networking application and website that allows you to broadcast short messages to large groups of people.
  • A Tweet is one of these short-format messages.
  • A Tweep is a user on Twitter – think of it as a Twitter Peep.

Use in a sentence: Twitter is a tool you use to send Tweets to your Tweeps. [Read more...]


Catch up with old friends

The other day, I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend.  We went through Boy Scouts together.  Marched in the high school band.  Went to the same college.  But some how, we lost touch after graduation.  We’d see one another occasionally on the train commuting down town, but neither of us invested much time in maintaining the relationship. [Read more...]



Think about that word for a minute.  Recreation – a compound of “re” and “creation.”  The idea that you build something anew.  That you do it over again.  That you start with a clean slate and without all of the baggage you normally carry.  It’s a powerful word, and one that we throw around far too casually to fully appreciate it’s meaning. [Read more...]



Years ago, my friends and I devised a game where two of us would run off into the woods to hide and everyone else would come find them.  It sounds a lot like ‘hide and seek,’ the difference is that we played the game 35 miles away from the nearest town … and we played one round from breakfast to sundown.  We called the game “manhunt,” after a similar game my high school friends played after football games (their version involved rocks, police cars, and several hours of running through town … needless to say, my version was much more fun). [Read more...]



I love indulging in new, unique, and interesting hobbies.  Lately, I’ve gotten excited about geocaching – you hunt through the woods for a hidden box containing untold treasures!  It’s like hunting for buried treasure, only they tell you exactly where the treasure will be so you can actually have a chance of finding it.  Even so, there are quite a few caches I’ve hunted for and still gone home empty-handed. [Read more...]


Do Something Worthwhile

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to work with a few other volunteers at the local Habitat for Humanity work site.  I’ve helped out there a few times in the past, and it’s awe-inspiring to see how far the various projects have gotten.  Last October, I helped set the floor joists in the foundation on two homes.  In January, I got to help roof one home.  Last weekend, I was able to help hang drywall in another.  It’s fun work, and I know that it’s making a difference in people’s lives. [Read more...]